Saltee Islands

The Saltee Islands lie off the south Coast of Wexford close to Kilmore Quay. The Great Saltee is famous as a seabird breading colony and thousands of birds gather there each year to lay their eggs. It is a major breeding ground for Gannetts and these spectactular birds can be seen diving from great heights above their cliff nesting ground on the western part of the Island. As well as bird life, there are large numbers of seals and plenty of fish and other marine life to be found below the surface.

Many ships have been wrecked here over the years and in calm conditions some of these are safe to dive on. The area is subject to strong tides and therefore Advanced certification or higher is essential.

Our 2010 Saltees Safaris will run regularly throughout the season, check dates on our Calendar page.

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Here is a list of accommodation in Kilmore Quay:




Quay House

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Harbour Lights B&B

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Hotel Saltees

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Inish View House

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